Eazy Stitch™ Sewing classes consists of two divisions:

Eazy Stitch™ Kidz Handcraft

Grade R, Beginners & Intermediate

Eazy Stitch™ Sewing Academy

License to Sew, Teenz & Empowerment

Eazy Stitch™ Kidz Handcraft

The Eazy Stitch™ Kidz programmes have been running since 2006 and was specially developed for the South-African child, to develop a love for crafts and needlework. Eazy Stitch™ Kidz consist of 3 programmes (Gr.R, Beginners & Intermediate) for the different age groups. With time we expanded to various schools and private venues all over South Africa. Educators are trained and licensed to present the different programmes. Thus far we have achieved amazing results. Learners and students master a wide variety of needlework and hand craft techniques, applicable to their age.

Advantages for the child:

Every lesson has been formulated and tested to meet the preferences and abilities of the learners and the programmes have been extensively evaluated by a registered occupational therapist. The Eazy Stitch™ Kidz handcraft programmes are modern and “funky” and totally different to the old-fashioned needlework / handwork that were taught at SA schools years ago. Not only does the programmes stimulate the learners’ fine motor skills, but also awakens entrepreneurial skills, as all the items that we make are easily sold at informal and craft markets.

Birthday Parties

We will gladly come to you and host a workshop at your child’s birthday party.

We supply and prepare everything needed to keep the children busy for an hour or two, depending on the project chosen.

It can be a Build-a-Bear outfit, Fabric Painting, Pompom Animals, Hand Puppets, Beading, Dye a funky T-Shirt, etc. There are more than a hundred projects to choose from for girls and boys!

Please contact the Educator in your area to choose the project.

Prices vary according to the project per child.

Holiday Classes

Keeping your children occupied during school holidays can be very challenging for parents.

The programmes we offer will keep your children busy and, at the same time, teach them exciting craft and handwork techniques.

Eazy Stitch™ Kidz offers exciting holiday programmes.

For more information contact the Licensed Educator in your area.

Sewing Academy

Our Sewing programmes (License to Sew, Teenz and Empowerment) are specially developed for the different sewing preferences and needs in South Africa. We also offer additional trendy and traditional courses. Anybody from the age of 10 years old is welcome to enrol. Enrol at your nearest Eazy Stitch™ Sewing Academy to give you the much needed confidence to the wonderful world of needlework and sewing on machines.

Our Programmes:


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